Comilla University


Comilla University (Bengali: কুমিল্লা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়) is a public university located at Kotbari, Cumilla, Bangladesh. The university was constructed on 50 acres (200,000 m2) of land at Lalmai Bihar, Moynamoti. Comilla University is affiliated by University Grants Commission, Bangladesh.
It started with 7 functional departments. Now there are a total of 19 departments including Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, English, Bengal, Economics, Public Administration, Anthropology, Mass Communication & Journalism, Archaeology, Management Studies, Accounting & Information Systems (AIS), Marketing, Finance and Banking, Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Law.


Vision: Centre of knowledge for enlightened, creative, and competent human resource

Missions: To meet up its vision, Comilla University sets its missions to—

  • Offer a full range of degree programs covering bachelor, masters, doctoral, and professional levels to the wide variety of students across the world to acquire existing knowledge and create new;
  • Ensure nationally competitive and internationally acknowledged opportunities to provide the best teaching-learning environment through continually improved curriculum;
  • Enhance labs, resources, and other infrastructures to usher a culture of creation and innovation amongst faculty members and students;
  • Develop high levels of managerial and practical skills and leadership among students through programs, faculty-student interaction, university-industry collaboration, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and social engagement;
  • Nurture an environment, giving space to free thoughts and expressions, wisdom and creation and producing inertly enlightened, philosophically critical, and ethically sound humans to bring intopositive change for entire humanity.

Core Values: Comilla University is committed to nurture:
Integrity: The highest level of sincerity and moral, ethical, and professional conducts;
Sense of Excellence: The best kind of knowledge and proficiency to ensure standard in every sect of activities;
Intellectual Curiosity: Insatiable thirst for knowledge to expand intellectual horizon, go beyond the comfort zone and bring back wonders for development;
Openness of Mind: Clear vision to see and think freely, embrace cultural diversity,respect others, give space to different opinions, examine problems with proper reasoning, and lit light into inner darkness to remove ignorance;
Self-Discipline and Sense of Responsibility: Coalition between set of self-principles and institutional rules and accountability as a part of responsibility to self and beyond;
Joint Endeavour: Achieve common goals with others in the University as well as in larger community while valuing teamwork, participation, and diversity of ideas andperspectives;
Innovation and Creativity: Generation of ideas by fostering individual ingenuity and creativity to ensure continual change and growth.