Academic Calender

Academic Calender

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Academic Activities

From: 19/Feb/2023 To 19/Feb/2023

Shaheed Day & Language Martyrs' Day

From: 21/Feb/2023 To 21/Feb/2023

From: 08/Mar/2023 To 08/Mar/2023

From: 17/Mar/2023 To 17/Mar/2023

Independence and National Day

From: 26/Mar/2023 To 26/Mar/2023

Easter sunday

From: 09/Apr/2023 To 09/Apr/2023

Bengali New Year

From: 14/Apr/2023 To 14/Apr/2023

From: 16/Apr/2023 To 02/May/2023

From: 09/Apr/2023 To 04/May/2023

From: 04/May/2023 To 04/May/2023

From: 25/Jun/2023 To 06/Jul/2023

From: 29/Jul/2023 To 29/Jul/2023

From: 15/Aug/2023 To 15/Aug/2023

From: 06/Sep/2023 To 06/Sep/2023

From: 13/Sep/2023 To 13/Sep/2023

From: 22/Oct/2023 To 26/Oct/2023

From: 27/Oct/2023 To 27/Oct/2023

From: 14/Dec/2023 To 14/Dec/2023

From: 16/Dec/2023 To 16/Dec/2023

From: 24/Dec/2023 To 28/Dec/2023